Our Story

In the deep, cold recesses of northern Minnesota, the concept for GroShed sprouted from the desire to create access to nutritious, non-toxic, affordable whole foods. In many parts of the United States, growing seasons are limited to a few short months, leaving colder climate areas with the "short end" of the stick for produce. 


What began as a desire to close the gap between what is available in the winter and what we can produce in the summer seeded the beginnings of a food movement. We were just trying to find a better way but GroShed was born!


1. Pick your model.

2. Make your down payment.

3. Customize your model.



 Wrapped in lifetime steel and available in a large variety of different color options. 

Beginning at $140 sq/ft.


The options are nearly endless! Maybe you'd like your GroShed to match your house? Beginning at $160 sq/ft.


For producing in larger quantities.Yep, we make commercial farms too!

Every GroShed purchased is "turnkey." This means it includes a complete hydroponic system, custom aluminum racking, LED lighting, NFT trays, dutch buckets, electrical and automation components.

We even include the first round of plants! 





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