My name is Jon Friesner and I created GroShed out of my desire to make a drastic change in my life. 


In the last few years our family had been through a variety of major transitions and living a healthy, full life was becoming a growing priority. The GroShed was born out of our frustration with the current state of affairs in regards to American health and limited access to nutritious, non-toxic, affordable whole foods. When the impact of processed foods became personal for us, it was time to start making some changes. After doing copious amounts of research on the current health of the average American and how our food is processed, grown, packaged, handled, and shipped we were left feeling unsatisfied, doubtful and disillusioned about what we were consuming on a daily basis. Was it healthy? Was it safe? Where did it come from and what had happened to it along the way? One thing we did know is that the produce we were paying top dollar for did not taste anything like what was coming out of our garden all summer. Our goal became eating as many locally-grown and raised foods as possible, but of course there were some limitations. As Minnesotans, our growing season is constricted to a  2-3 months window, and our winter can easily hit -30F degrees, which is a bit of a barrier to growing veggies. As a lifelong gardener and builder, I put my skills to paper and developed GroShed, seeking an answer to the many issues connected with producing our own food year-round in a very cold climate.