Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hydroponics?

Simply put, hydroponics is the use of nutrient rich water to feed and grow plants instead of soil. Plants grow larger and faster using hydroponic methods. Additionally, they are much less susceptible to disease, pests, and mildews in this system. A hydroponic system does not require pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or any other chemicals because the standard soil- based growing issues are eliminated.


What is a Nutrient Solution?

A Nutrient Solution is the water plus the nutrients needed to keep plants alive and thriving. A GroShed’s reservoir will hold 80+ gallons of water that will contain a dry or liquid fertilizer. The owner decides if they want to utilize a synthetic or organic mix. The GroShed system will then deliver that nutrient rich water to all your plants as needed. When you use a 10-10-10, Miracle Grow, or other fertilizer on your soil-based garden you are utilizing a nutrient solution. Nutrient solutions vary in safety and results. Our hydroponics system allows you to customize your nutrient solution and pick a fertilizer that fits with your budget, beliefs, and values regarding plant care and produce safety. 


What does fully automated mean?

Once GroShed’s reservoir is filled, the GroShed system will do the rest. GroShed controls light cycles, watering cycles, pumps, fans, PH levels of the reservoir, dissolved oxygen levels, humidity levels, temperatures, and exhaust systems. At present, the system requires the individual to monitor nutrient levels, but we are looking forward to the release of a fully-automated nutrient-release system that will allow the GroShed system to automatically adjust nutrient levels for optimal plant health. 


Is GroShed promoting hydroponics vs Soil based gardening?

Absolutely not! At GroShed headquarters we operate a 4,000sqft organic, raised-bed garden that is super spoiled and loved! Unfortunately our much loved soil is frozen rock solid (or too cold to grow) for 8-9 months of the year. GroShed is the means for our family to provide safe, healthy, local, and sustainable food through the off-season.


Do you only ship to Minnesota addresses?

We can deliver to most states but shipping prices will vary. Contact us for a free quote to bring your GroShed home!


How does it get to my property?

GroSheds are delivered just like a storage building on specially designed trailers. 


What has to be done once it arrives at my property?

Once off the trailer, we will place and level the GroShed in its final destination. As the new owner, you plug it in (with a standard 15amp outlet), fill the reservoir with water, add the selected nutrients, and start gardening! It is that simple!


Does It require special wiring or a dedicated water line?

All GroSheds sized under 125sqft can operate off any standard 15amp outlet. Any GroShed up to 225sqft can operate off any standard 20amp outlet. Larger GroSheds may require simple electrical work. GroSheds do not need a water line. A garden hose is the simplest way to fill the reservoir every 6-8 weeks.


How is GroShed heated in the winter?

Minnesota is notorious for bitterly cold winters (and we’re proud of our ability to survive them, dang it!). GroShed is engineered from the ground up with -30℉ temperatures in mind. The proprietary walls of GroShed have a R21 value and the floor and ceiling have R33-41 depending on ceiling height. GroShed is engineered to have minimal thermal bridging. Eliminating thermal bridging increases our efficiency by 30-50%! All that insulation and engineering means GroShed can be heated entirely by the LED grow lights that make the garden grow. All growing resources double as the heat source. Translation: we are not wasting any utilities on heating needs. 


GroShed is delivered like a storage building, does that mean its built like one too?

Absolutely not! GroSheds are built from the ground up for the sole purpose of growing food with extremely cold climates in mind. Conventionally built storage building would require significantly more utilities to heat/cool themselves. GroSheds are uniquely designed to fulfill the purpose of growing produce in frigid temperatures with minimal utility costs.  


How often do I need to drain and refill reservoir?

Currently GroShed reservoirs need to be replaced every 6-8 weeks depending on plant size and quantity. We are currently designing/building our own fully-automated nutrient adjuster which will allow GroShed to operate for months on the same reservoir. This new product can be retrofitted to existing models.


How much maintenance has to be done?

Depending on size, you will need to dedicate about 2-4 hours a week to planting, harvesting, trellising, pruning, and draining and refilling the reservoir. We have enjoyed knowing that when we are traveling, our GroShed sits safely at home, growing produce without constant monitoring.


Does the building come with the price?

Yes, GroShed is a turnkey product that comes completely ready to go, building and all!
As the consumer, you provide the seeds, nutrient solution, and growing matter. We provide GroShed Academy (our YouTube tutorials) to help get you started on your growing journey. 


Does the trailer come with the price?

We utilize our trailers for delivering GroSheds, such that a trailer is not included in the purchase of a GroShed. Of course, we can easily build your GroShed on your trailer. Additional fees will apply.


Are Plants Included in the Purchase of a GroShed?

We are willing to preload your first round of GroShed produce for an additional fee. However, we recommend customers develop their own knowledge of growing and caring for their plants for maximum productivity. Again, we provide GroShed Academy (our YouTube tutorials) to help get you started on your growing journey. At Groshed, one of our hopes is to promote a shift in the way our culture views and consumes food. We want to empower people to not only be consumers but also producers in a sustainable, healthy and viable plant-based system.