GroShed Pricing and Sizing

Premium $150.00/sqft

Premium models of GroShed come completely finished inside and out with premium materials like:


Cedar trim
Barn wood vinyl flooring
Mini wave corrugated steel
Knotty pine ceiling
Reclaimed pallet accent wall


Smart lap siding
Metal or architectural shingle roof
Corrugated steel skirt
Handhewn tongue and groove siding
Log siding
Vinyl siding
Cedar shakes
Painted/stained to match existing buildings

Have specific materials you want your GroShed finished with? Contact us for a free quote!

Standard Edition $100.00/sqft

Standard Edition GroSheds come completely finished on the outside with lifetime warranty steel in 27 color options. Inside walls and ceiling will be lined with corrugated steel. The Standard model is the basic approach, without the “bells and whistles” of the premium model. The function remains the same, but the aesthetics are limited to create a more affordable option.  

All GroSheds are fitted with the same fully automated hydroponic systems. The size of the GroShed you purchase will determine how much planting space you will have. You can also choose to have more dutch buckets* or more NFT** rails depending on what your specific needs are.

For example an 8’ x 12’, or (96sqft), GroShed is capable of producing 36 heads of lettuce every week in an our 8’ NFT system and has 24 dutch buckets for larger plants like tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, peas, beans, broccoli, etc...

*Dutch buckets are 3 gallon buckets that act as a automatically watered/drained planting container for larger plants such as tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers. They are also great for growing beans, radishes, peas, broccoli, carrots, basil, and much much more.

**NFT are low profile rails that are specifically made for growing lettuces and herbs very quickly. Many lettuce varieties mature within 3 weeks of being placed in our NFT system. The NFT chambers in a GroShed can also be used to grow 9 10”x 20” flats of microgreens per shelf. GroShed comes standard with 3 NFT chambers but more can easily be added.

What are the size limitations of a GroShed?

Minnesota restricts our sizing to a max of 16’ wide by 15’ tall by 110’ long while on our delivery trailer. If you are interested in a larger model, we can discuss onsite construction. Realistically for the average family, a GroShed between 96 to 200sqft in size (the 8' x 12'-10' x 20' sized models) will pump out enough greens to replace the grocery store produce aisle.